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Learn to Appreciate

Everyone should be taught How To Appreciate? in schools Because you will 100% learn How to Criticise? during your lifetime. Gradually people become stubborn with the thinking process they develop by their experiences. Everyone has different experiences in life and this results in different points of view and perspectives. We all should respect other people's feelings. This is very important that you do appreciate. Appreciation needs to be part of our culture which is unfortunately missing as of now. Appreciation brings the best out of people as it motivates people to even do better the next time.

If something is good then appreciate the good task. It is as important as criticising something bad. Do not categorise yourself among those who always criticise. This leads to a negative outlook on life. You have to be impartial to your own thoughts and reduce the bias as much as possible. Balance is important.

Do not stick to one idea of something or someone. Appreciate/Criticise the task and not the person involved. Things happen, people change, situations change, conditions change, the environment changes … you are also free to change your way of thinking and accept if something good is happening or you can also complain if something seems not right to you.

Have a happy, beautiful and balanced life :-)

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