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Promoted as Senior?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

When people are moving to the senior roles then there are things that can be improved or added in their behaviour.

As your role in organisational changes, your way of handling and completing tasks, presentations, team bonding, etc will also change. These behavioural tweaks are a must to have a smooth transition from junior roles to senior ones. 

Address people with grace in short sentences and soft tone..
This will help in breaking the ice with your subordinates and colleagues. For any meaningful interaction and value addition it is important that people open up with you in any interaction. This will give birth to new thoughts and ideas which will go a long way in solving organisational problems. 
Body language is important...
Do not make extra noises while talking like uhh..hmm.. rather choose to be quiet and think before speaking. Take a pause often while speaking. This reflects the confidence that you have.
Avoid beating around the bush...
As a senior, each sentence of yours should be full of information and useful to the audience. Avoid beating around the bush and come to the point. You may have to be diplomatic sometimes but it should not be the case always. Try to be clear and precise in your general communication.
Listen more...
Be a great listener and speak only when it is necessary if you want to maximize the positive response of people who take decisive actions based on what you speak. Try to give direction to any task/activity.
Use easy sentences...
Do not use complex words of English. Speak with clarity and for this first, you should be clear in your thoughts. Mostly if people speak slowly they talk sensibly.
Be both serious and funny...
It is very important for people to be comfortable with you. Then only they will share good ideas and feedback comfortably.
If one person is confirming one thing then do not ask for the same confirmation back to back two times, maybe change the way you ask the same thing. Do not repeat the same sentence.
Be confident but not loud...
You know your work better so you are the best person to decide how to deal with a situation. 
Be assertive. Always appreciate the good work of people. Criticism is also essential but it should be constructive and not just pull down people or for the sake of it. Always maintain dignity while criticising. Remember that you are dealing with intelligent adult human beings and you hired them in the first place because of some qualities.
Be humble but don’t be stupid...
Do not do anything for others applause only, It will follow gradually. People will respect you if you do a lot of good deeds and solve the problems/challenges.
Don’t demand but command respect.

All the very best for you future endeavours!

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