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Bali Day 2 - Dolphin Interaction

Dolphin's are cute, human friendly, extremely intelligent water creature. They learn fast... They can play... They can follow instructions... They are capable to use echolocation, The evolution of their larger brains is surprisingly similar to humans... AND YES! killer whales are dolphins...

Dolphin Interaction was one of the top activities in our list and that was truly awesome! A must try... You need not to be a swimmer and yet you can be into the water with them, touch them, play with them off-course Be gentle and respect the beautiful creature.

and suddenly we all start the communication...

APOLLO, a male dolphin

JASMINE, a female dolphin

The jumps...

There were lots of big and small dolphins... sharks and sting ray! We were not allowed to take DSLR camera to base camp. Inside water, we could take only few clicks & videos by phone. It was a great experience with all the safety.

One Suggestion: Leave valuable items like camera, jewellery etc in the hotel as these are not allowed.


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