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Freelancing- An easy Career...

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

A few years back I started my career as a freelancer after working in an MNC for 3 years. I quit my job by choice and started to explore freelancing as a full-time career. I knew nothing initially except one thing - There will definitely be scope for something other than regular job around the world.

I was aware of the power of the internet.

I had a large skill set when I quit my job and I was very much confident about my abilities.

I was ready to take the risk, ready to fly literally...

Soon I found the various platforms where plenty of work opportunities were present that matched my skill set. Each day I joined new portals. Each day full of uncertainty ... what next? Many job sites many networking sites many hours spent just exploring... I wanted to know about the vast world of freelancing. I was working/exploring so many things in days and sleepless nights... I was very excited...

I wanted to make my presence felt everywhere in the freelancing field.

Continuous opportunities, it got encouraged me to continue with this field. So far so good. I found many projects related to my expertise in software development/Java/testing/project implementation/training/teaching and also started to make good money. I even created my own website and was feeling on top of the world.

I had so many things running through my mind... I was still a learner. In a day I used to receive 2-3 calls for the job on an average.

I want to share one of my experiences with everyone today...

A few days back I received a call from one of big MNC companies which is an online shopping portal and the HR asked me "What are you doing these days?" I replied, "I am a freelancer and linked with many clients, working on many online portals, delivering training and searching for my new long-term project"... He replied. "OH, you are a freelancer means you are doing nothing these days".

I always feel sad when people take the term freelancing lightly especially in India.

I was doing a regular job and I can tell you that I am doing more work as the freelancer as I am learning more and upgrading my skills continuously. Freelancing field is full of enjoyment for those who want to do quality work. There are lots of things to learn and experiment. I have come to know so many ways of earning. I am working day and night, working hard though salary may be irregular at times, the learning is unbeatable.

“Have patience - One day you will be valued as per your knowledge and not as per your designation ...” - Nancy C

In my regular job, I was doing development only. As a freelancer I am...

Giving training,

Testing on various platforms on multiple products,

Writing technical and non-technical stuff,

Learning marketing and networking skills,

Learning management of time,

Learning how to work remotely with quality,


Recording creative videos of mine,

Multi-level marketing,

Interacting with people around the globe...and trust me so much that I cannot handle alone.

Finally, I would say it was not an easy journey but I just loved this kind of experiment.

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