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Corporate style of hiring

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Someone must trust you. No one is born experienced. Every person was a fresher in his past.

Show trust in your employee or fresher and 90% of them will not prove you wrong for your trust in them or doubt on their ability and they will never bother for what you think about them.

Every human being has been trusted by someone at some time in his career. People love to work for those who believe in them at interview time. One might sound non-technical at times to the interviewer but during the working hours he might be the most technical and logical employee that can find the solution of any problem at hand. The interviewer should focus on problem solving skills more than the technical part. See, in this digital world you can't remember each and everything. That’s what google is doing. right? You need not to waste your memory to fill with the information which is well documented by others already. The main quality in job seekers should be the ability to find best solution, the ability to complete the task timely, the ability to keep his words simultaneously flexible enough to change and learn new things from scratch. What you will look for among the following?

  • Willing to work

  • Willing to learn

  • Ability to learn

  • Flexible to learn

  • Communication skills

  • Your technical skills

  • Academic qualifications

  • Willing to work on less

  • Attitude toward career

  • Value of words

If you have these qualities in your employees, 100% your business will grow. Bring that trust factor. We all are human. We cannot remember each and everything that an interviewer is going to ask but willingness to learn quickly and act fast upon is the key quality which makes a person unique.

Employers need to innovate upon the idea of interviewing.

Trust me, my best quality delivered project were those in which my manager hired with less technical question and more judgement of willingness to do quality work. They have given me the chance and I have given them my commitment of quality and timely delivery of work assigned to me.

Big thanks!

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