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Do not read it..its not for you!

October 7, 2019


I request, Please Don’t read further.


Human reacts to negative faster than the positive acts. You know why? Because we train our mind to do so. Don’t believe?


We easily ignore something which creates positivity in the environment for example, what do you notice more?


A mother showing love to her baby?




A mother admonishing her baby?


Our mind is trained to notice or react to negative things faster.

Why did I say that?


Human psychology… Did you notice the title or heading of my write up? Now you smile😊 If yes, keep on reading otherwise you are positive enough to ignore the rest of my writing.

So, what is the reason for this very little truth that we are focusing on negative rather than positive in spite of knowing the fact that positivity makes our life beautiful and negativity makes more troublesome situations


My answer is … Our mind is trained to protect us from any troublesome situation or harmful future incidence which might lead us to a problematic situation. So, it reacts more on negative and less on positive.


What comes into your mind when I said, “I request, Please Don’t read it”?

Maybe your mind raised an alarm Hey why that lady asks for not reading it? Is there something hidden? I should know that… Who knows if I read? There will be no harm if I read … but what if I missed it? There might be something surreptitious? I must know… etc…


See, there is nothing wrong with it basically. You are human and Human has a self-defensive mechanism. It is perfectly fine while you are doing it in balance. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative. No issue. The problem started when you start noticing everything negative and almost nothing positive. Eventually, you became skeptical almost each and everything around you. How does it feel like? Give it a minute and think… Are you the one I am talking about?




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